WEB3 Auto-Liquidity Engine (WALE)

Market Liquidity is an important element that plays a vital role in allowing the buy & sell of W3F tokens on PancakeSwap.
In simple terms, think of Liquidity as a big pool of money that is split into half (50/50) between W3F tokens & $BNB tokens. There is a conversion ratio is set that determinesto the amount of W3F you can get with BNB, for example: 1 BNB = 18.1 W3F.
When someone buys W3F, the price per WEB3 appreciates and the ratio above will also change accordingly to account for this. The same is applicable in the opposite direction for sells.
Liquidity allows everyone to buy & sell their W3F/BNB at anytime, however, if there is a liquidity constraint in the pool, you might get bad prices. To counter this, what our W3F Auto-Liquidity Engine (WALE) does is, to add more liquidity to that pool by itself and eventually solving that issue.